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Quality control / Project process:

  • High Class Program Overall Planning:

With rich experience in translation, Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. has high-class project managers to plan all details and processes as a whole, carefully analyze the special requirements of different professional fields, make checks in all processes for the customer, and provides the best translation services.

  • Different language translators strictly selected from many countries

The translation team of Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. is from countries all over the world, providing 180 language services.

The most commonly used languages include: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Indian, etc.

Our hundreds of full-time translators and thousands of part-time translators do not only have rich experience in translation, but are also good at all professional fields. With long-term cooperation and strict self-requirements, we have achieved a 100% quality rate with reasonable prices, and are thus favored by customers in all industries.

Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. has a professional interpretation team consisting of interpreters specializing in different languages of all fields. With rich experience, good knowledge of international customs, and quick response, they have not only had numerous excellent performances in cooperation, but also built up a good industry image and market reputation.
  • Strict quality review system:

Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. tries to provide the best service for the customer in the principle of Value what the customers entrust us with and try to reach perfection. In addition, we have a draft modification team consisting of senior foreign translators, providing each customer with a standard and strict draft modification and review process. We also have professional editing technicians responsible for editing and correction, in order to provide the most accurate and strictest checks for the customers.

  • Confidentiality:

Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. will keep all translation files entrusted by the customer confidential and strictly ask the translators to sign confidentiality agreements, so that none of the translation files entrusted by the customer shall be disclosed to a third party, thus ensuring the safety of the customers data and the most appropriate disposition according to the customers requirements.

  • 101% Service Satisfaction:

Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. not only tries to reach perfection and a 100% quality rate, but the customer service department will also perform post-service follow-up and quality review to provide cost-free modification of the translation service, thus reaching 101% customer satisfaction. It is the mission and responsibility of Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. to emphasize each part.

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