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Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. has a translation team scattered all over the world. Our hundreds of full-time translators and thousands of part-time translators not only have rich experience in translation, but are also good at all professional fields. With long-term cooperation and strict self-requirements, we have achieved a 100% quality rate with reasonable prices, and are thus favored by customers in all industries.


This company has a professional interpretation team consisting of interpreters specializing in different languages of all fields. With rich experience, good knowledge of international customs, and quick response, they have not only had numerous excellent performances in cooperation, but also built up a good industry image and market reputation.

  • Consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation:

Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. provides simultaneous interpretation, on-spot interpretation, escort interpretation, international conference interpretation, commercial negotiation interpretation, technological communication interpretation, symposium interpretation, press conference interpretation, enterprise investigation interpretation, lecture interpretation, exhibition interpretation, travel companion interpretation, and interpreter assignment, etc.

  • Conference interpretation equipment

Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. applies the most advanced digital infrared ray receiver in the world, which is interpretation equipment synchronous to the United Nations and Olympic Program Commission, including a standard double translation room and standard translation room. To meet the customers requirements, we can also provide lease and installation services of companion translating machines. Pictures of equipment are attached.



Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. provides certification and translation of your important documents under notarization, including certificate of marriage, birth certificate, university diploma, green card, death certificate, school result slip, police criminal record certificate, divorce decree, employment record, passport, and visa, etc. in any language. We also accept special certification requirements, such as medical and immunization translation, patent translation and notarization, financial bills, and insurance bills, etc.

With a professional and quick operation process, Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. provides high efficiency and high quality translation services for customer review notarization certification, helping you to not only save precious time, but also avoid fatigue from excess travel, and ensures a 100% quality rate to pass the immigration department and other institutions. We provide our customers with the most guaranteed quality at the most reasonable prices.

The scope of documents includes: copy of registered permanent residence, result slip, birth certificate, certificate of academic degree, certificate of military service, good citizen certificate, marriage certificate, medical diagnosis certificate, land right certificate, building right certificate, in-service certificate, diploma, affidavit, letter of recommendation, corporation license, factory registration certificate, tax bill, constitutions, contact, and meeting records, etc.

Draft review

In light of the finished translation work, our company will arrange two or more senior foreign translators to cross review and modify it. No matter whether for a personal resume, thesis publication, large technology and operation manual of enterprises, or energy or chemistry, etc. fields, the reviewers can make the most appropriate modifications. Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. tries to provide the best service for the customer with the principle of Value what the customers entrust us with and try to reach perfection.
Website translation and localization


Does your company want to launch into the international market? If so, we can provide resources to make your strategy successful, promote your business and integrate it with the global trend.

The project manager and translators of Hong Hao Translation Co,. Ltd. help you design and develop the foreign language of your website. We not only translate the content you provide, but also localize the website, including some necessary modifications, so that people can more easily and comfortably reach the expected market. With an internal website design team and the simultaneous translation from our professional translators, you can trust us that your translated website will look like the original language. We completely and accurately translate your website, and pay attention to the details and local knowledge.

Hundreds of satisfied customers can prove our quality in language translation. If you are looking for a high quality language translation institution, which can ensure accuracy, pay attention to the details, and provide intellectualized services, please contact us for a cost-free quotation.



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